Pakistan Haier-Ruba Economic Zone

(| Updated : 2018-05-17

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Service projects and substance of the Economic Zone:

(1) Investment advisory service

1. Investment policy consulting

Free consultation services regarding preferential policies for entering the park, local financing services, and government communication channels are provided (from the date of the formal signing of the investment agreement). 

2. Establishment of the company

Services related to the process of registering and establishing companies in Pakistan are provided based on the demands of investment organizations. 

3. Application for preferential policies

Helping enterprises find the maximum preferential policies within the limits of national policies. 

(2) Production and operating services

1. Home appliances testing platform

The national class home appliance testing platform in the Haier-Ruba Economic Zone is open to all enterprises in the Zone. 

2. Home appliances sales platform

Haier utilizes its sales network and channels in the Pakistani market to provide sales services for companies entering the Zone. 

3. After-sales service platform

Haier has established an improved after-sales service platform for the companies entering the Zone in Pakistan's 17 after-sales service centers and 86 after-sales service outlets. 

4. Logistics and transportation, customs declaration and customs clearance

The Economic Zone is able to help enterprises entering the Zone with issues of transportation of raw materials and finished products, and the customs declaration and clearance of import and export goods. 

(3) Business services

1. Visa

The Economic Zone offers enterprises assistance with visa application and smoothes the entry process. 

2. Finance

Providing enterprises with one-stop banking services of the banks, local financing information, channel services and taxation payment services. 

3. Ticketing

Offering Pakistani domestic and overseas ticket-booking and related services. 

4. Transportation

Providing transportation services within the park and within Pakistan. 

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