Overseas Industrial Parks

Updated : 2018-05-16

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East China's Shandong province has accelerated its construction of overseas industrial parks to provide a platform for international cooperation on production capacity. The 13 of 99 overseas industrial parks recognized by the Department of Commerce that originated from Shandong province have accumulated investment of 5.45 billion dollars. Of the 13, nine are located in countries along the Belt and Road and have accumulated investment of 5.15 billion dollars, or 94.5percent of the total investment. The remaining four are located in Shandong province, the highest concentration in China, and they are associated with countries along the Belt and Road. The four parks are the Pakistan Haier & RUBA Economic Zone, the China-Russia Tomsk State Wood Industry and Trade Cooperation Zone, the Sino-Hungarian Borsod Industrial Zone and the Central European Trade and Logistics Cooperation Zone.


The Sino-Hungarian Borsod Industrial Zone is by far the overseas industrial park with the largest investment in China [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Sino-Hungarian Borsod Industrial Zone

The Sino-Hungarian Borsod Industrial Zone is a processing and manufacturing zone with chemical engineering as its leading industry accompanied by light engineering, machining, energy-saving and environmental industries. It was initiated by Yantai Wanhua Chemical Group, the largest isocyanate manufacturer in the world, and is directed by Borsod Group, the largest chemical enterprise in Hungary, now a part of the Wanhua Chemical Group. The industrial park covers a planned area of 6.15 kilometers, and has accumulated investment of 3.9 billion dollars, which is by far the biggest sum an overseas industrial park has attracted in China.

Central European Trade and Logistics Cooperation Zone (Hungary)

The Central European Trade and Logistics Cooperation Zone (Hungary) was the first national overseas industrial park constructed by China in Europe. The zone contains a Chinese Goods Exhibition Center, a Shandong Brands Exhibition Center and a logistics park. With 167 enterprises and firms settled in, it has become an important channel for Chinese products to promote themselves and enter the markets of Central, Eastern and even Western Europe.

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