Establish and Promote the Conduct of "Three Stricts and Three Earnests"

Xi Jinping: The Governance of China I Updated: 2021-12-13

Establish and Promote the Conduct of "Three Stricts and Three Earnests"* 

March 9, 2014 

Promoting good Party conduct is always high on our agenda. We will fall short of our aims if this program tails off and we become lax in the later stages. Leading officials at all levels should enforce standards of good conduct on themselves and others. Be strict in self-development, the exercise of power and self-discipline; be earnest in making plans, opening up new undertakings and upholding personal integrity. 

Being strict in self-development means that leading officials should strengthen their sense of Party awareness, stand firm in support of the ideals and principles of the Party, cultivate integrity, pursue lofty goals, make a point of distancing themselves from vulgar interests, and resist unhealthy practices and evil influences. 

Being strict in the exercise of power means that leading officials should exercise power in the interests of the people, exercise power in accordance with rules and regulations, keep power within the confines of systemic checks, and neither seek privileges at any time nor abuse power for personal gain. 

Being strict in self-discipline means that leading officials should respect discipline and always be ready to apply the rod to themselves, guard against all temptations when alone, be prudent, engage in diligent self-examination, abide by Party discipline and state laws, and uphold integrity in governance. 

Being earnest in making plans means that leading officials should take facts as the basis for work planning, ensure that all ideas, policies and plans are in line with actual conditions, objective laws and scientific principle, and avoid being overly ambitious and divorced from reality. 

Being earnest in opening up new undertakings means that leading officials should be down-to-earth in their approach to their duties, be pragmatic and solid in their work, be bold in taking on responsibilities and facing problems, and be adept at solving problems. They should strive to create concrete results that will stand up to being tested by practice, by the people and by time. 

Being earnest in upholding personal integrity means that leading officials should remain loyal to the Party, to the organization, to the people, and to their colleagues. They should be honest and truthful, do sound work, be aboveboard, and be just and upright. 

We must work to resolve problems with force and tenacity as a hammer drives a nail. We must make sure that we start well and end well, and work wholeheartedly to produce the best possible results so as to achieve the greatest possible success in improving Party conduct. 

* Main points of the speech at the deliberation session of the Anhui delegation to the Second Session of the 12th National People's Congress.

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