Build People's Armed Forces That Follow the Party's Commands, Are Able to Win Battles and Have Fine Conduct

Xi Jinping: The Governance of China I Updated: 2021-12-10

Build People's Armed Forces That Follow the Party's Commands, Are Able to Win Battles and Have Fine Conduct* 

March 11, 2013 

Our armed forces must thoroughly implement the guiding principles of the 18th CPC National Congress, uphold socialism with Chinese characteristics, follow the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of the Three Represents and the Scientific Outlook on Development. We must firmly follow the Party's goal of military development under the new circumstances and, build revolutionary, modernized and standardized people's armed forces that faithfully follow the Party's commands, are able to win battles and have fine conduct. 

Building such forces is the Party's goal for developing the military under the new circumstances. It is essential for the military to follow the Party's commands, which determines the political orientation of military development. It is vital for the military to be capable of fighting to win, which is the basic function of the military as well as the fundamental objective of its development. To have fine conduct ensures that the military demonstrates its nature, aspiration and character. Our armed forces must understand this goal, bear it in mind in their efforts to promote military development, reform and preparedness, and bring national defense and military development to a new level. 

We must ensure the absolute leadership of the Party over the military that follows the commands of the Party and serves the people. It must be loyal, pure and reliable, and all its actions must be under the command of the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission. We must focus on the key task of building strong military forces which are able to fight to win, make sure that soldiers are capable of fighting, officers of commanding, and troops well trained. We must uphold combat capacity as the sole and fundamental standard for military development. We should promote our military development and preparedness to meet the needs of war, being ready to fight at all times and in all conditions. Having a fine work style is the unique feature and political advantage of our military. We must step up efforts to improve our work style, ensure good conduct in every aspect of military development and management, stay realistic, pragmatic and results-oriented, and reinforce the basic principle of running the military strictly and in accordance with the law. In doing this, we will maintain our long-established image as the armed forces of the people. 

We should coordinate the development of our economy and defense capabilities, and combine efforts to make the country prosperous and the military strong. We should further the great integration of military and civilian development, and work to achieve in-depth integration of the use of infrastructure and other key facilities based on demands and led by the government. At the same time, we should manage the military budget well and use it properly by working hard, practicing economy, and opposing extravagance and waste, so as to put the funds to their best use. We should carry on the fine tradition of the military supporting the government and cherishing the people while the government and the people respect the troops and provide preferential treatment to their families. We should ensure that the military and local people work together to promote material advance, and cultural and ethical progress, as well as social harmony. To show concern for and support the development of national defense and the military, Party committees and governments at all levels should enhance education in national defense knowledge and popular awareness so that the whole of society will have common understandings and joint initiatives in caring for, loving, developing and safeguarding national defense. 

Main points of the speech at the plenary meeting of the People's Liberation Army delegation during the First Session of the 12th National People's Congress. 

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