Build Strong National Defense and Powerful Military Forces

Xi Jinping: The Governance of China I Updated: 2021-12-10

Build Strong National Defense and Powerful Military Forces* 

December 8 and 10, 2012 

China's military forces must unite in upholding socialism with Chinese characteristics, and take Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of the Three Represents, and the Scientific Outlook on Development as their guiding principles. The Party's 18th National Congress produced a series of guidelines and defined a set of strategic measures on national defense and the development of China's military forces. These must be thoroughly and rigorously implemented. China's military must never lose sight of the fact that following the Party's command is its core duty, to fight and win is its fundamental role, and to run the army strictly and in accordance with the law is key to achieving these aims. We must build a modern and standardized military dedicated to our revolutionary goals. 

In our efforts to strengthen our armed forces we must treat theoretical and political education as our first priority, and ensure that our work is always done in accordance with the right political principles. We will educate our officers and soldiers in the theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics and foster their core values as contemporary revolutionary service personnel1. We will ensure that they follow the Party's commands, fulfill their missions without fail, and maintain the great traditions of our armed forces. To reinforce their theoretical and political education, our forces' first responsibility is and will remain the task of studying, disseminating, and applying the guiding principles of the 18th National Congress. We must integrate study with practice, and implement these guiding principles in our actions. 

We will enhance our combat readiness through full-scale combat simulation exercises, and reinforce the belief that as soldiers our mission is to fight, and as officers our mission is to lead our men to victory. We must train our troops strictly and provide rigid criteria for real combat, modernize our armed forces, and enhance their capacity to fulfill diverse military tasks. The armed forces must be capable of winning regional engagements in the information age. We must follow to the letter such military practices as strictly observing discipline, executing every order, and acting in unison. The rank and file must be the focus of our work. 

Achieving the great renewal of the Chinese nation has become the dream of the Chinese people in modern times. This great dream we have is to make our country strong. To the military, the dream is to make our forces strong. To achieve these aims we must strive both to enrich the country and build a strong national defense and powerful military. The armed forces must never falter in upholding the Party's absolute leadership, and all service persons must be well-disciplined, so as to ensure that the armed forces are secure and stable. 

The heroic armed forces of the people will carry on its great traditions, build on past merits, so as to forge ahead to fulfill the historical responsibilities they shoulder. 

* Main points of the speech during his inspection visit to the Guangzhou Military Command. 


1  The core values of the armed forces are: loyalty to the Party, love for the people, devotion to the country, dedication to the mission, and respect for honor.  

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