Strong Ethical Support for the Realization of the Chinese Dream

Xi Jinping: The Governance of China I Updated: 2021-12-09

Strong Ethical Support for the Realization of the Chinese Dream* 

September 26, 2013 

Paragons of morality are important banners for building public ethics. We need to carry out campaigns to publicize such paragons of morality and let people learn from them, foster the true, the good and the beautiful, and spread positive energy. We should inspire the people to esteem virtue, perform good deeds and emulate virtuous people. Moreover, we should encourage the whole of society to cultivate morality by practicing virtue and to exert a positive influence through ethical behavior. In this way, we will marshal strong spiritual and ethical support for realizing the Chinese Dream of national renewal. 

Inner strength is infinite, as is moral strength. Chinese civilization has a long history stretching back to antiquity; it gave birth to the precious character of the Chinese nation and cultivated the Chinese people's pursuit of noble values. The pursuit of constant self-improvement and embracing the world through virtue have been the stimuli behind the Chinese nation's ceaseless self-regeneration, and today this pursuit is still a powerful motivation for us to carry out reform and opening up, and for socialist modernization. 

To meet the requirements of the central authorities, local governments and departments have long worked hard to promote public morality, advocated traditional Chinese virtues and fostered the new trends of the times. Consequently, ethical models have emerged in large numbers. National ethical models are outstanding representatives of these people. Some of you have hearts of gold and are always ready to help others; some act bravely for a just cause without considering personal safety; some are honest and trustworthy, and keep to the right way; some work diligently at their posts dedicating their lives to serving the public; and some treat the elderly and their relatives with filial respect. With noble characters, you have warmed and touched the hearts of our people, and have set good examples for the whole of society. 

A great era calls for a great spirit, and a worthy cause demands role models to take the lead. Now the people of China are working hard for the Chinese Dream. In line with the requirement to cultivate and practice the core socialist values raised at the Party's 18th National Congress, we should pay close attention to advocating socialist morals, intensify education in public morality, professional ethics, family virtues and individual integrity, promote basic moral standards such as patriotism, dedication to work, integrity and friendliness, and cultivate social trends of recognizing honor and disgrace, practicing integrity, encouraging dedication and promoting harmony. 

Now I'd like to introduce Gong Quanzhen, a national ethical model. She is the widow of General Gan Zuchang, a veteran Red Army officer from Jiangxi Province and a founding general of the People's Republic. In 1957 Gan voluntarily resigned his post to be a farmer, and Gong Quanzhen returned with him to the countryside in Jiangxi. Half a century later, Gong still maintains the spirit of hard work and plain living. For this, she was elected a national ethical model, and is present at this meeting. I feel gratified and want to express my greatest respects to her. We must carry forward the spirit of hard work and plain living generation after generation.  

* Main points of the speech when meeting the fourth group of nominees and winners of national ethical model awards. 

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