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Nantong international students explore Chinese cultural heritage

english.jsjyt.edu.cn Updated: 2024-04-25

On April 16, international students from the Nantong College of Science and Technology participated in a cultural heritage experience at the city's Wonderful Farm.


Students perform an Indonesian dance. [Photo provided to english.jsjyt.edu.cn]

The event began with a discussion on new quality productive forces between international students, young Chinese people, and businesses representatives. Following the discussion, international students adorned in traditional Chinese attire took to the stage, presenting an Indonesian dance called We Are Beautiful and a Chinese folk song, Jasmine Flower.

The second part of the event involved hands-on activities featuring Chinese intangible cultural heritage projects. Students from Indonesia, Laos, Pakistan, and other countries tried their hand at traditional Chinese arts such as sugar painting, dough figurines, paper-cutting, tie-dyeing, and Yueju Opera.


Two students learn to perform Yueju Opera during the event. [Photo provided to english.jsjyt.edu.cn]

The event offered international students a chance to experience and appreciate Chinese culture and facilitated communication between different nationalities. Students also learned about the new industrial trends and developments in Nantong.