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Expats positive about working in Xiamen

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2021-03-19

The Xiamen Software Park Phase III in Xiamen city in East China's Fujian province recently played host to 20 foreign employees and students who visited the park to get a better understanding of its environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as the recruitment and HR policies of the city.   

Through sand table models, pictures and videos, the foreign visitors witnessed Xiamen government's efforts at different stages of the digital economy era, as well as the rapid industrial development of Xiamen.

Many of the foreign visitors came from the major emerging BRICS countries and countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.

"I have been in China for five or six years and today was a good opportunity for me to get to know Xiamen," said Viktoriia Shin from Russia. She said the activity gave her a brand-new understanding of Xiamen's entrepreneurial environment and its future development.

The visitors not only saw the rapid development of Xiamen Software Park in recent years, but also got a broader idea about the advanced strategic layout of the software industry in Xiamen, as well as industrial support and services in all areas including food, housing and transportation.

"What we have seen and heard makes us expatriates more determined to stay in China and stay in Xiamen, because we can clearly see the future of the city and our personal career development path from today's visit," said a representative of foreign staff from Mechanist Games, a Xiamen-based independent games developer and publisher.

Asrar, a student at Xiamen University from Somalia, also expressed his pleasure at participating in the activity. "I have never been to the Jimei district before. Now I know more about the industries in Xiamen and I hope to stay and work in Xiamen in the future," he said.

Mention was made that one of the organizers, the Xiamen Foreign Talent Service Station, immediately received a resume after the activity from Abid Hussain, a Pakistani student who will receive a master's degree in computer science from Xiamen University in July this year and wants to find a job in Xiamen.

Officials from the Xiamen Science and Technology Bureau, the initiator of the event, said they hoped the expats would elect to stay in Xiamen and contribute to the construction of a modern international city and the BRICS Partnership on New Industrial Revolution innovation center.

The bureau will carry out pilot work on evaluation of their professional technology skills in the near future, to facilitate the introduction of foreign talent in key fields and industries in Xiamen.

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