• IP courts implement solid start


    Intellectual property courts in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have reached phase achievement goals, laying a solid foundation for the future.

  • Judicial explanation on private lending released


    As problems such as lack of knowledge, improper organization, and uncertainty in the private lending industry gradually appear, the Supreme People’s Court has outlined its approach to supporting the public’s pursuit of security, equity and justice in this area.

  • Top court getting tougher on drug crimes


    China’s Supreme People's Court increased its crackdown on drug crimes last year, according to Gao Guijun, a criminal court judge.

  • China’s top court throws its weight behind the Belt and Road Initiative


    The Supreme People's Court has announced that it will provide all the judicial support needed for China’s Belt and Road Initiative and will work with local courts to see that they deal properly with foreign criminal, civil, commercial and maritime acts.

  • SPC reports crime crackdown developments


    The Supreme People’s Court reported developments in its special campaign against crime, emphasizing consequences for those refusing to carry out a court ruling, at a press conference on July 21.

  • SPC holds press conference on mutual judicial assistance with Taiwan


    The Supreme People’s Court circulated information about mutual judicial assistance with Taiwan, and briefed journalists and others on 15 relevant cases at a press conference on June 30.