• Subtitle website founder jailed for film piracy


    The Shanghai No 3 Intermediate People's Court sentenced Liang Yongping, the founder of a website that hosted pirated films with Chinese subtitles, to three years and six months in prison on Monday for copyright infringement and also fined him 1.5 million yuan ($235,000).

  • Woman sentenced to death for series of killings


    A woman who spent about 20 years on the run after being involved in multiple killings has been sentenced to death by a court in Jiangxi province.

  • 26-year-old matricide seeks to appeal death sentence


    Wu Xieyu, a former Peking University student who was sentenced to death for multiple offenses last week, expressed his dissatisfaction with the judgment and will appeal to a higher court, his lawyer said.

  • Court rejects claim against livestream host


    A woman who became an internet celebrity while using her cousin's livestreaming account and then transferred the account to her own name has been cleared of infringing virtual property rights by a court in Guangdong province.

  • Court rejects appeal by Canadian drug smuggler


    The high court in Northeast China's Liaoning province rejected an appeal by a Canadian drug smuggler on Tuesday and upheld his death sentence.

  • China court issues first ruling on personal bankruptcy


    China's first ruling on personal bankruptcy cases took effect on Monday, about four months after the country's first local regulation on personal bankruptcy went into effect in March.