China’s SPC vice-president visits New Zealand and PNG

(      Updated : 2019-06-02

Zhang Shuyuan, vice-president of China's Supreme People's Court(SPC) led a delegation to New Zealand and Papua New Guinea (PNG) from May 26 to June 1 at the invitation of the two countries' supreme courts.

The SPC is willing to make joint effort with New Zealand’s judicial system to implement the important consensuses reached by the two countries’ leaders, deepen cooperation and promote a new development of two sides' comprehensive strategic partnership especially in the judicial field, said Zhang when he met with the representatives of the nation's judicial system.

Zhang and New Zealand representatives described each other's courts situation and informatization establishment.

During Zhang's visit to PNG, he met with Gibbs Salika, the nation's chief justice, and went to the court of Port Moresby, capital of PNG.

China and PNG have different judicial systems, but they shares a common aim: to maintain fairness and justice, said Zhang, adding that China is willing to cooperate and exchange with PNG in the judicial field and boost the development of the China-PNG comprehensive strategic partnership.

Zhang also conveyed the invitation of China's chief justice to Salika to visit China, which he appreciated.

Salika said PNG expects deep cooperation and exchanges with China in areas such as court informatization and judges training.