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Judicial Interpretation

Supreme People’s Court Interpretation on Issues concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Civil Cases of the Infringement of Personal Rights and Interests through Information Network (3)

Judicial Document

Supreme People’s Court Notice on the Issue of the Seventh Series of Guiding Cases (6)

Appointment and Removal

Name List of SPC Judges Appointed and Removed by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (24)

Selected Judgments

Case of Dispute over Sale Contract of Commodity House: Zhu Junfang v.Shanxi Jiahetai Real Estate Co., Ltd. (18)

Case of Dispute over the Infringement of the Patent Right for Design: Ma Peide Company v.Bangli Trade Co., Ltd.of Yangjiang City and Yilida Knife and Scissors Co., Ltd.of Yangjiang City (25)

Model Cases

Case of Dispute over Private Lending: Zhao Jun v.Xiang Huimin & He Xueqin (28)

Case of Dispute over Statutory Succession: TangX v. LiXX & TangXX (31)

Case of Dispute over Copyright Infringement: Qin Zhiyuan v.Qingyuan City Jiang Shan Electronic Co., Ltd. & Shanghai Yilong Small Commodities Market Operation and Management Co., Ltd. (36)

Case of Dispute over Banking Settlement Contract: Xibao Group Holdings Co., Ltd.v.Qingdao Chengyang Branch of Agricultural Bank of China Ltd. (39)

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