Thai embassy in Yangon closes consular section for 3 days

(Xinhua)      Updated : 2015-12-28

YANGON - The Thai embassy in Myanmar's former capital of Yangon has decided to close its consular services for three days beginning Monday in wake of several days' protest over a Thai court's death sentence verdict handed down to two Myanmar men, according to an announcement of the embassy's consular section.

The closure of the consular services was due to prolonged demonstration around the embassy following Thailand's Koh Samui provincial court's recent judgment on the Koh Tao murder case, which have caused difficulties in access to the compound of the Royal Thai Embassy, the announcement said.

Apologizing for the inconvenience that have caused to visa applicants and other prospective travelers during this time, the announcement, however, said the embassy will continue to provide special visa service to emergency cases such as emergency medical treatment on the basis of humanitarian ground.

Hundreds of Myanmar people has been gathering outside the Thai embassy here for the past several days in protest against the Thai court's death sentence verdict against the two Myanmar migrant workers.

Similar demonstrations also broke out in other places outside Yangon.

An appeal will be made against the death sentence within a month and coordination will be made with the Lawyers' Council of Thailand, the Myanmar embassy in Thailand and Myanmar's civil society organizations in Thailand before Jan. 11, government officials said.

Meanwhile, a Thai diplomat in Yangon has also promised Myanmar protesters to convey their demand for appeal to the king of Thailand as soon as possible following demonstration here.

Thai nationals in Myanmar are also being alerted by their embassy to watch out for their own safety in wake of the event.