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  • 161 bookstores in Beijing get govt financial support


    ​Facing major revenue loss and an almost broken funding chain caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, a program to support physical bookstores in Beijing was launched by the local government.

  • China's cultural tourism industry rides on 5G amid epidemic


    With online cultural products flourishing amid the epidemic, China's cultural tourism industry hopes to grab the opportunities brought by digital development based on 5G technologies.

  • Tomb-sweeping holiday to see soaring on-site trips


    China's three-day tomb-sweeping holiday will see soaring on-site trips as the coronavirus outbreak leveled off across the country, an industry report said Wednesday.

  • Beijing cuts 130 m yuan of rent for cultural enterprises


    Cultural industrial parks in Beijing Municipality have cut rent of 130 million yuan (about $18 million) for local cultural enterprises, a move to mitigate the impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

  • Brick-and-mortar bookstores launch 'takeout' service


    A total of 72 brick-and-mortar bookstores in Beijing have settled in Meituan Dianping, China's online food delivery platform, and launched "takeout" service to attract more customers and mitigate the effect of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

  • Beijing measures for cultural industry make an impact


    A raft of 28 measures for supporting Beijing cultural industry -- unveiled by the publicity department of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China -- has had a positive impact on the development of Beijing cultural enterprises, according to statement on the website of the State-owned Cultural Assets Administration Center of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, or SOCAAC, on March 13.

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