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  • Xi: Large-scale agriculture to play key role


    President Xi Jinping has highlighted the important role of the nation's large-scale grain growers, calling on them to boost their operations, make greater and more effective use of modern agricultural technology and contribute to ensuring China's food security.

  • Xi: Dynamic zero-COVID policy works


    President Xi Jinping has reiterated that the dynamic zero-COVID policy has proved to be "correct "and "effective" in the nation's response to COVID-19 outbreaks.

  • Xi urges intl solidarity to promote growth


    President Xi Jinping called on Wednesday for international solidarity and coordination to maintain world peace and stability and promote global sustainable development.

  • BRICS urged to uphold solidarity


    While stressing the need to build an open world economy, Xi also emphasized the importance of forestalling and defusing major risks and challenges in global development and working for more inclusive and resilient economic growth.

  • Xi's remarks on rural vitalization


    President Xi Jinping has on many occasions stressed the importance of rural vitalization.

  • President extends festive greetings to children

    President extends festive greetings to children


    ​President Xi Jinping extended festive greetings to children all over the country on Tuesday in a letter to congratulate the China National Children's Center on its 40th anniversary.

  • Highlights of President Xi Jinping's words about China-ASEAN relationship


    "China and ASEAN are neighbors, and mutual assistance is our shared tradition."

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