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  • Xi: Advance prosperity of Chinese culture


    President Xi Jinping underlined on Wednesday the need to continue to boost cultural prosperity, make China a leading country in culture and build a modern Chinese civilization.

  • Xi calls for further tackling desertification


    President Xi Jinping has highlighted the significance of strengthening desertification control and prevention to develop an even stronger green shield in the nation's northern regions and secure greater outcomes in building a beautiful China.

  • Cooperation key to speed up tech breakthroughs


    Greater international cooperation is needed to explore technological frontiers such as computer-brain interface technologies and artificial intelligence, which are widely seen as key future drivers of global economic growth.

  • Xi: Speed up modernization of education


    Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, has underlined the importance of building a strong educational system to serve the country's efforts in achieving scientific and technological strength and self-reliance, promoting common prosperity and realizing national rejuvenation.

  • Xi: BRI helps boost Eurasian collaboration


    As the Belt and Road Initiative drives an economically vibrant Eurasian region while delivering increasing benefits to the world, President Xi Jinping has urged stronger synergy between the initiative and the Eurasian Economic Union to boost Asia-Europe cooperation.

  • Xi Focus: Flourishing wildlife shows success of China's national parks


    On plateaus and mountains as well as in the rainforests, China is building the world's largest national park system to protect biodiversity under the leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

  • China, Central Asia ties grow stronger


    Two sides have made historic achievements in connectivity, trade and policy coordination.

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