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  • Mount Tai

    Mount Tai

    Mount Tai, located in the middle of Shandong province and spanning three cities (Tai'an, Jinan and Zibo), covers a total area of 24,200 hectares.

  • Underground karst cave

    Underground karst cave

    It is located in Qiujiadian town, Tai'an city and is 18 degrees Celsius year-round.

  • China's coolest World Heritage sites

    We recommend 10 places that are best visited during the summer season.

  • Colorful Stones Brook

    When you enter Peach Blossom Valley, after traveling about 2 kilometers you will find a brook with a bed made of colorful stones.

  • Fan Cliff

    The Fan Cliff west of Aolai Peak is shaped like a great fan...

  • Peach Blossom Valley

    Peach Blossom Valley lies on the west side of Mount Tai.

  • Immortal Bridge

    The Immortal Bridge is composed of three huge rocks.

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