Tai'an calligrapher's works permanently collected in 2 embassies in China

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2024-05-22

Taian calligraphy.jpg

Duan Zonghai and his calligraphy work. [Photo/Tai'an Daily]

"Having my calligraphy works permanently collected by the embassies of Guinea and Zambia in China fills me with great excitement. It is a recognition of my calligraphy creations and reflects the charm of Chinese culture," said Duan Zonghai, a member of the Tai'an Calligraphers Association.

"Inspired by my work environment when I was young, I developed a strong interest in calligraphy. Initially, I observed others' works and gradually learned calligraphy techniques, studying works by renowned masters," said Duan when reflecting on his relationship with calligraphy.

Through continuous practice and learning, Duan gradually developed a unique calligraphy style, blending styles such as caoshu (cursive script) and xingshu (running script) with his own distinctive characteristics. He believes calligraphy not only cultivates sentiment and enhances aesthetic abilities, but also fosters concentration and willpower.

When creating calligraphy works at home, Duan maintains a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere during the creative process. He said that calligraphy expresses individual style through techniques such as brushwork, ink application, and structure, where the thickness of each stroke, the layout of characters, and the depth of ink are all crucial.

"Calligraphy is not only a means of expressing emotions and thoughts, but also preserving and promoting traditional Chinese culture," Duan said.

Duan plans to continue innovating in the field of calligraphy, explore his full potential, create more works, and spread Chinese culture. Through innovative practices, he hopes to enable more people to appreciate Chinese culture and contribute to the promotion of Tai'an culture.