Benin delegation explores cultural, natural wonders of Tai'an

( Updated: 2024-05-20


Members of the study group from Benin pose for a group photo while visiting Mount Tai. [Photo by Yang Xinyu for]

More than 20 participants from Benin visited Tai'an, Shandong for a study tour from May 13 to 17.

"During these five days, we have fully experienced the charm of Tai'an. The beautiful scenery, rich culture, and its achievements in developing into a new industrialized strong city have left us with a deep impression. We look forward to visiting China and Tai'an again in the future", said Ako Martinien, head of the delegation and Ambassador of Benin's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The study group first visited Mount Tai on the first day of their trip, admiring its magnificent scenery. Members enthusiastically shared their feelings on Tai'an's culture.

"The magnificence of Mount Tai lies not only in its natural beauty but also in the cultural strength it embodies. The perseverance and positive spirit it exudes are truly inspiring", said one member of the delegation.

Participants of the group also paid a visit to Donghu community in Tai'an on May 15, where they learned about the development history of the community in detail and gained a comprehensive understanding of the governance model of Donghu community, appreciating the new governance style initiated by the red property.

"The Chinese people have made remarkable development achievements, setting an example for Benin's own development and bringing hope. We have seen a China where people live happily and society operates in an orderly manner. We will bring back what we have seen, heard, and felt to Benin, along with all the beneficial experiences we have gained", said a member of the National Assembly of Benin. (Edited by Xie Zhenzhen)