Tai'an sees boom tourism in May Day holiday

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2024-05-06


A bird's-eye view of Mount Tai Scenic Area, which received 310,200 visitors during the May Day holiday. [Photo/Tai'an Daily]

Statistics show that 21 tourist attractions across Tai'an received a total of 1.45 million visitors during the May Day holiday, which was from May 1 to 5, marking a 3.98 percent increase compared to the same period last year.

The Mount Tai Scenic Area received 310,200 visitors, a 4.01 percent year-on-year increase and a record high.

On May 1, the Hongmenli block in the Mount Tai Scenic Area, featuring attractions such as the cross-dimensional digital experience space of Taishan Shenqi, the first immersive cultural experience offering in China, hanfu experience hall, and "Taste of Tai'an" food block, became a new popular attraction in Tai'an.

The 2024 Dongyue Temple Fair offered activities such as an intangible cultural heritage art market and tea art performances.

In addition, the Youth Music Festival by Tianping Lake attracted over 52,000 people, featuring 22 well-known domestic bands and singers, and was highly popular among young people.

Young tourists are keen on cultural and camping tours, with attractions like the Mount Tai rural cultural museum and Jiunvfeng rural tourism area being quite popular. Camping sites and homestay hotels have seen good booking rates, with a significant increase in visitor numbers compared to previous years.

During the holiday, Tai'an also hosted a variety of cultural activities, including a book exhibition at the city library and performances, attracting a large number of participants.

To enhance the travel experience for visitors, Tai'an has increased the number of open parking lots, promoted parking apps, and added tourist shuttle bus routes.


The Youth Music Festival by Tianping Lake in Tai'an attracts over 52,000 people. [Photo/Tai'an Daily]