Tai'an strives to promote Yellow River culture

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2023-12-21

Tai'an has been taking steps to protect and carry forward the Yellow River culture to promote the high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin in recent years, according to a news conference held on Dec 20.

Tai'an has actively served the national strategy of ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin, and promoted the development of the culture tourism belt of the Yellow River.

Tai'an has achieved significant results in promoting the construction and development of the Tai'an cultural heritage conservation and development demonstration area, steadily promoting the protection and utilization of historical and cultural heritage, and bolstering the high-quality integrated development of cultural tourism. 

Through scientific planning, Tai'an has enhanced its policy support and made efforts to ensure the story of the Yellow River in the new era is well heard. 

Tai'an has also selected 15 key cultural and tourism projects to enhance supervision, coordination, and tracking services, in order to achieve the goal of promoting the protection and inheritance of Yellow River culture. These projects will serve as exemplary leaders, creating a representative development belt for the Yellow River cultural tourism industry. 

In addition, Tai'an will strengthen the protection and safeguard the cultural roots of the Yellow River, and accelerate the revitalization and utilization of cultural relics. By 2025, the number of cultural heritage sites in Tai'an is expected to exceed 490.