Documentary Mount Tai honored as one of China's most influential documentaries of 2023

( Updated: 2023-12-08

The six-episode documentary series Mount Tai was recently selected as one of the "2023 China Influential Documentaries" at the 20th Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival.

Filmed in various locations both domestically and overseas, this documentary presents the four seasons of Mount Tai through exquisite cinematography, and illustrates its sustained and extensive influence through captivating narratives.

It explains how Mount Tai, an icon of Chinese culture, encapsulates the cultural essence of the nation, serves as a spiritual homeland for the Chinese community and a bridge for mutual exchange and appreciation between Chinese and foreign civilizations.

The documentary premiered on Shandong TV during the New Year's holiday in 2023, garnering a warm response. On the second day of its premiere, related short videos achieved an impressive viewership of over 150 million, with two related topics trending on microblogging platform Sina Weibo.

The documentary has also significantly boosted tourism to Mount Tai, which set a new record of 8.53 million tourists as of the end of November.

The documentary has been selected for several promotion projects by the National Radio and Television Administration due to its excellent quality.

It has been broadcast on multiple international channels such as CCTV and Phoenix Satellite Television's Chinese, American, and European channels.

Furthermore, Mount Tai has signed a memorandum of international cooperation with the Sunny Side of the Doc organizing committee to broadcast the international version of the documentary on TV5MONDE, a global French language entertainment network, in 2024.