Children learn about ICH items

( Updated: 2023-05-30


A child tries her hand at sugar painting during an ICH event held in a kindergarten in Ningyang county, Tai'an. [Photo/Tai'an Daily]

In honor of the upcoming Children's Day celebration on June 1, a special event of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) was organized in Ningyang county of Ta'an, specifically geared towards kindergarten children.

The local ICH performers put on a mesmerizing display of various ICH art forms, such as puppetry, sugar painting, and feather painting, which undoubtedly captured the attention and imagination of the young audience in attendance.

As part of the event, the children were also given the unique and exciting opportunity to engage in sugar painting themselves, using spoons for pens and sugar as ink. Li Ranran, the sixth-generation inheritor of Li's Sugar Painting, was keen to note that this was an excellent way for the children to learn about and experience traditional Chinese culture firsthand. The overall event was a resounding success and certainly served its purpose in promoting and preserving China's rich cultural heritage.


Children in a kindergarten in Tai'an's Ningyang county learn about feather painting. [Photo/Tai'an Daily]