Top 3 must-try dishes in Tai'an

( Updated: 2023-05-24


The results of the top three must-try dishes in Tai'an are now available. Taishan Pancake is the most loved, followed by the traditional local snack Fanzhen Huoshao and the Red Scale Fish with a unique style. Don't miss out on any of them when you visit Tai'an. 

Taishan Pancake

Taishan Pancake was listed among the first batch Taian intangible cultural heritage items. To make the delicacy, pour a spoon of ground corn paste on a hot griddle called "aozi", turn it into a large, round, paper-thin wafer, and wrap ingredients like scallions and sauce into the wafer. 

Fanzhen Huoshao

Huoshao, or twisted baked wheat bread rolls, is a traditional snack in Taian's Fanzhen town. It takes three to four hours to knead dough, brush donkey oil, roll chopped peanuts and black sesame seeds into the dough, and toast to create a crispy and yummy Fanzhen huoshao.

Red Scale Fish

Red scale fish is a specialty of Mount Tai and was once a tribute in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It has tender meat, a delicious taste, few bones, and high medicinal value. Fried red scale fish is a traditional Shandong cuisine. 

Taishan Wufu Pastries

Taishan district's intangible cultural heritage item, Taishan Wufu pastries, are traditionally made with local Taian chestnuts, walnuts, peach blossoms, tea, and cage-free eggs, and are handmade in inherited mahogany moulds. 

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