Museums in Tai'an launch activities for International Museum Day

( Updated: 2023-05-18


An aerial photo of the Tai'an Museum [Photo/Shandian News]

Various museums at all levels in Tai'an have rolled out various publicity activities for International Museum Day, which falls on May 18, aiming to deepen the public's understanding of museums, and fully leverage their positive role in promoting sustainable social development and building a better life.

Tai'an Museum has created a promotional layout for cultural relics protection, and is being taught by excellent instructors.

Xintai Museum has launched an online exhibition of high-quality jade artifacts in its collection and held a special lecture on cultural relic protection laws and regulations.

Feicheng Museum and Tai'an Maogongshan Red Culture Museum have jointly launched an exhibition of cultural relics and ancient architectural images, as well as an exhibition of revolutionary and folk cultural relics.

The Ningyang County Museum has planned to showcase the restoration of its collection of ceramics.

The Mount Taishan Stone Culture Museum and the Mount Taishan Rural Culture Museum in Tai'an have launched an exhibition of stone carving and rubbings.

The Mount Taishan Ancient Architecture Art Museum has planned wood works and wood carvings exhibitions.