Snow-white hawthorn blossoms grace Xintai

( Updated: 2022-05-13

About 15.3 square kilometers of hawthorn flowers are blooming vibrantly in Nanliuquan village, Liudu town, Xintai, and Tai'an in Shandong province, creating snow-white scenery.


Clusters of snow-white hawthorn flowers bloom in Nanliuquan village, Xintai, Tai'an, forming a lovely contrast with the green leaves. [Photo provided to]


A large area of hawthorn flowers bloom in the countryside and is surrounded by distant mountains and villages in Nanliuquan village, Xintai, Tai'an. [Photo provided to]


Hawthorn flowers bloom atop branches, adding an elegant radiance. [Photo provided to]


Some flower buds cluster on the branches, waiting to blossom at Nanliuquan village, Xintai, Tai'an. [Photo provided to]