Places for short distance trip in Tai'an

( Updated: 2021-08-02

Here are some recommended places for people to enjoy natural scenery without travelling afar in Tai’an.

1. Hushan Mountain Park

Hushan Mountain Park, located in the north of Wangmu Temple on Mount Tai, is surrounded by mountains and water, presenting picturesque scenery. The ancient Qing Emperor Qianlong (1711-99) once shot a tiger here, making the spot famous.

Hushan Mountain Park [Photo/WeChat SDTXTA]

2. Wubu village

Wubu village in Feicheng city has a history of more than 600 years. The village has more than 200 sets of traditional dwellings in Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties, and the Republic of China period (1912-1949). The houses are built by stones.

A typical stone dwelling in Wubu village [Photo/WeChat SDTXTA]

3. Dongping Lake Wetland

Dongping Lake Wetland, covered with green vegetation and surrounded by rivers, is a good place for locals to enjoy tranquil and natural landscapes.

An aerial view of Dongping Lake Wetland [Photo/WeChat SDTXTA]

4. Lashan Mountain National Forest Park

Lashan Mountain with 258 meters above sea level has abundant rainfalls, providing a pleasant climate in summer. July and August period is the best time for tourists to escape summer heat.

Lashan Mountain National Forest Park [Photo/WeChat SDTXTA]