Places for admiring spring flowers in Tai'an


Tai'an, a city in East China's Shandong province, is becoming a city of flowers as spring approaches. Different flowers will showcase their best from this time of the year and here are some recommended places for people to enjoy flowers in the city.

1. Tianyi Lake Huahai Scenic Area

Tianyi Lake Huahai Scenic Area is a 4A scenic area and is the first choice for visitors to admire flowers. It is always covered with blooming flowers from spring to autumn covering plum blossoms, orchids, peach flowers, apricot blossoms, pear flowers, rape flowers, and roses.

Blooming plum blossoms bring color to the area in early March. [Photo/WeChat account: SDTXTA]

Pink peach flowers can be seen from March to April at Tianyi Lake Huahai Scenic Area. [Photo/WeChat account: SDTXTA]

Pear flowers are also seen from March to April at Tianyi Lake Huahai Scenic Area. [Photo/WeChat account: SDTXTA]

Pink cherry blossoms enter their full bloom season from March to April. [Photo/WeChat account: SDTXTA]

Tulip flowers create a sea of colors for visitors from mid-March to late April. [Photo/WeChat account: SDTXTA]

2. Fenghuang River Park

Fenghuang River Park has a forest of cherry trees with more than 20 varieties. It is a good place to admire cherry flowers in spring.

Booming cherry blossoms at Fenghuang River Park in Tai'an [Photo/WeChat account: SDTXTA]

3. Caishixi Scenic Area

Caishixi Scenic Area on Mount Tai offers charming views with blooming flowers in the spring.

Caishixi Scenic Area on Mount Tai in spring [Photo by Liu Guoqiang/WeChat account: SDTXTA]

4. Feicheng

Feicheng, a county level-city in Tai'an, is becoming a renowned peach cultural tourism destination across China. The annual Feicheng Peach Blossom Festival in late March provides visitors a chance to admire peach flowers and taste honey peaches.

Blooming peach flowers in the mist create a picturesque scene. [Photo by Wang Wei/WeChat account: SDTXTA]

5. Dawenkou town

The rape flower field in Dawenkou town, Daiyue district attracts crowds of tourists from March to April every year.

A yellow sea of rape flowers in Dawenkou. [Photo by Wang Lijun/WeChat account: SDTXTA]