The most time-saving climbing route: Tianwaicun

( Updated: 2016-06-15

The Tianwaicun tour route begins from Tianwaicun and goes upstream along Huangxi River, passing 13 kilometers around hill roads to reach Zhongtian Gate. The view is mostly of natural landscapes with some relics scattered about.

It consists of two sections: the first section is about 14 kilometers long over hill roads from the Heaven and Earth Square to Zhongtian Gate. The second section is the cable trolley from Zhongtian Gate to the summit and is about 2,078 meters long. Tourists can view the marvelous scenery of Mount Tai from this route.

Only specialtravel buses of  Mount Tai are allowed to drive on this route.

Way for touring: By bus, there are 3 stops: Heilong (Black Dragon) Pool, Zhulin Temple, Huangxi River. You can get off the bus to have view at any of the three stops.

Scenic spots on the way: The heaven and earth square of Tianwaicun, reservoir of Heilong pool, Bailong (white dragon) pool, waterfall of Heilong pool, Zhulin temple, Wuji temple, fan-shaped cliff, Aolai peak, Jiandai bridge, horse hoof valley, gingili oil bay, Shuntian bridge, heaven bridge, Zhongtian Gate etc.

Travel Route: Take the bus at the village outside celestial universe and you can reach to Zhongtian Gate directly.

1. Ticket price for entering Mount Tai: 125 yuan ($18.07) per person

2. Ticket for bus: (up) 20 yuan per person and (down) 18 yuan per person

Time of travel: about 30 minutes to Zhongtian Gate


Editor: Li Jing

Source: The Information Office of Tai'an Government