The most classic route: Red Gate Route

( Updated: 2016-06-15

It is the main mountaineering route from ancient times to the present and also the special route for emperors ascending Mount Tai.

Along the way, thriving ancient trees stand upright on both sides; stone stairs convolute around the mountain, summits appear in a variety of views and springs flush through the rocks.

The natural wonders are splendid and the historic sites with the lasting appeal of traditional culture are scattered along the way. There are eight ancient temples, more than 200 examples of steles or stone tablets and more than 300 Peak Cliff Steles.

The route from Dai Temple to Red Gate and on to the summit of Mount Tai is an old and traditional route. It begins from Yaocan Pavilion and ends at the top. Along the way the culture relics and natural landscape blend together along the sides of the 7,000 steps.

The last stretch of the stairway from Zhongtian Gate to the peak of Mount Tai captures the best essence of the whole scenic area of the mountain. It will take your breath away when you view the majestic vigor, beautiful scenery and immemorial relics.

If you only have limited time, you could climb to Zhongtian Gate then arrive at the peak of Mount Tai by cableway in seven minutes.

After thousands of years of construction, this route is now a rather perfect path for touring. The stairs are solid and neat with temples on both sides repaired regularly and clear inscriptions, precious ancient trees bearing nameplates and clear creeks. And if you feel tired, you could enter one of the tea shops or bars for a rest, then you will be refreshed and no longer fatigued.

Way for touring: walk on stone steps

Scenic spots on the way: Daizong Archway, Guandi Temple, Yitian Gate, Spot Where Confucius Visited, Red Gate Palace, Ten Thousand Immortals Tower, Monument to Revolutionary Martyrs, the inscription of Chinese characters for wind and moon have been written with their outside strokes omitted, symbolizing the boundlessness of the view, Temple of Three Views, Doumu (mother of immortal dipper) Temple, Yuanjun (the highest title in Taoist) Temple, Sutra Rocks Valley, Feng'an Monument, Cave of Cypress, Hutian Pavilion, Huima (the horse return back) Ridge (the ridge is so steep and dangerous that the horse must stop and return back), Zhongtian Gate, Yunbu Bridge (stepping on the bridge just like walking in the sky), Five Gentlemen Pines, Guest Welcoming Pine, Chaoyang Cave (the cave facing sun), the Eighteen Mountain Bends, Shengxian Archway, Nantian Gate etc.

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