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SPG holds promotion conference in Yunnan

( | 2024-04-22

The Shandong Port Group (SPG) integrated supply chain service (Yunnan) promotion conference kicked off in Dai Autonomous Prefecture of Xishuangbanna, Southwest China's Yunnan province, on April 17.


Photo of SPG Integrated Supply Chain Service (Yunnan) Promotion Conference. [Photo provided to]

The aim is to tap into resources from the local government, customs, railway, and other parties and consolidate whole-chain services of port, finance, logistics, shipping, trade, and overseas business. This comprehensive approach is designed to provide customers with one-stop integrated supply chain solutions. Additionally, the move will enable SPG to integrate into and serve the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor, contributing significantly to the socioeconomic development of China's southwestern regions.

As part of the commitment to serving Yunnan, SPG established a warehouse in Kunming in Jan 2022. The company has obtained a warehousing qualification for industrial silicon designated by the Guangzhou Futures Exchanges in May 2023. By 2023, the warehouse's storage capacity reached 20,000 tons, ranking among the highest in the country. This success has allowed SPG to diversify its cargo type from rubber to bulk commodities like industrial silicon and coffee beans. In 2022, SPG formed a joint venture with Yunnan Crude Rubber Group and Yunnan Free Trade Investment Group to advance the construction of a storage park and a distribution center. 

This center is set to offer storage, trading, and logistics services mainly for futures and spot of agricultural products like crude rubber. On April 16, SPG set up an inland port in Kunming, a milestone that is poised to enhance the connectivity of the China-Laos Railway, promote the construction of a land-sea trade corridor oriented toward the Indian Ocean and comprehensively serve the socioeconomic development of Yunnan.

During the event, SPG's Logistics Group and Investment Holding Group signed strategic cooperation agreements with East China PetroChina, Yunnan Crude Rubber, Yunnan Free Trade Investment, WZ Group, Yunnan Hainan Natural Rubber Industry Corporation Limited, Yunnan Guangken Rubber, Qingdao Rubber Industry Association and Ningbo Rubber Sodality.

The event also witnessed the launch of the Xishuangbanna storage and distribution warehouse, marking the official operation of the warehouse.

Going forward, SPG will rely on the storage park to fully take advantage of Yunnan's unique geographical location and the port's premium resources and platforms as part of efforts to galvanize regional high-quality economic development.