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Multiple measures taken to promote employment of college graduates

(China Daily) | 2023-12-07

China's college graduates in 2024 are expected to reach 11.79 million, seeing a year-on-year increase of 210,000, according to the Ministry of Education.

Local authorities and higher education institutes are urged to take multiple measures to promote the employment of college graduates, which is the priority of their work, the ministry said in a circular released on Tuesday.

Universities should arrange employment staff and develop market-oriented and other employment channels to provide graduates with more high-quality job information, it said.

A total of 26 measures were unveiled to promote the employment and entrepreneurship of the nation's college graduates in 2024, such as expanding job opportunities of grassroots positions and encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises to recruit more college graduates.

Exams for recruiting in government agencies and State-owned enterprises, as well as further education enrollment, should be scheduled as early as possible to leave graduates more time for job seeking.

Local authorities are expected to develop grassroots employment projects, and attract more graduates to find jobs and start businesses in the central and western areas. Green channels are expected to open for graduates who are willing to join the army.

Modern information technology should be fully applied to provide students with personalized, precise and convenient employment guidance, the circular stressed.