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Qingdao to attract talent by reforming residence registration

( | 2023-11-21

Qingdao, Shandong province has recently unveiled a forward-thinking policy aimed at lowering the residence registration threshold for renters under specific conditions. This move, experts say, underscores the city's strong commitment to attracting talent by making it more convenient for individuals aspiring to make Qingdao their home.

Reported by the official city government account, Qingdao Release, the announcement swiftly became a trending topic on social media platforms.

On Nov 6, the account explained reforms in the household registration system. These reforms focused on some topics including expanding talent household registration, relaxing residency regulations, and widening household registration channels for relatives. Additionally, the reforms aimed to provide increased support for stable employment and household registration.

In simple terms, it means that renters will be able to apply for residence to settle down.

This policy shift aligns with similar moves made by other cities such as Nanjing in Jiangsu province, Zhengzhou in Henan province, and Hangzhou in Zhejiang province, which also relaxed their residency policies earlier this year. Experts suggest that many regions have either lowered or eliminated residency thresholds, intensifying efforts to attract diverse talent and populations, thereby infusing new vitality into urban centers.

"It's the right move. With such measures to attract talent, we will have stronger power to drive the economy," a netizen commented under the notification.

Recognizing the crucial role populations and talent play in urban competition, cities nationwide are witnessing a strong demand for attracting individuals with valuable skills. Experts anticipate that policies aimed at attracting talent will continue to evolve, with some cities integrating housing measures to better accommodate the household needs of new residents.

On Sept 13, the Nanjing Public Security Bureau clarified adjustments to its residency policies, further relaxing conditions for obtaining local household registration. The points-based residency policy now considers years of social insurance payment and continuous residence as significant factors.

Similarly, on Sept 20, the Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau issued a new policy, stating that individuals with legal and stable employment or residence in the central urban area of Zhengzhou are no longer restricted by the payment period of social insurance and the duration of residence. This extends to their spouses, children, and parents living together, who can apply to register as urban residents in Zhengzhou.

"This approach is beneficial for stimulating population and talent influx, and to a certain extent, it promotes the release of housing demand," Chen Wenjing, the Market Research Director at the China Index Academy, was quoted as saying by Securities Times.

"The demand for population and talent in various regions is robust, and it is expected that talent attraction policies will continue to strengthen in the future," Chen added.