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Qingdao Fashion Week comes to an end

( | 2023-09-11

The closing ceremony of the Oriental Fashion Season · 2023 Qingdao Fashion Week was held on Sept 10 in the Qingdao West Coast New Area. A grand awards ceremony was also held, and many designers and brands won honors and awards.

During the five-day period, Qingdao Fashion Week presented 37 fashion festivities, showcased 66 fashion brands, and displayed over 1,600 new fashion collections. The event, which integrated traditional intangible cultural heritage and international fashion trends, showcased the limitless creativity of fashion design, said the organizers.

Providing a platform for emerging designers has become a longstanding tradition of Qingdao Fashion Week.

As scheduled, the third Qingdao Top 10 Emerging Fashion Designers Competition was held at the closing ceremony. The emerging designers showcased their masterpiece works, symbolizing the vitality and innovation of fashion design.

The "Endless Space" designer collective show took center stage at the closing ceremony. Dozens of exquisite fashion creations emerged amidst a play of light and shadow, displaying a kaleidoscope of colors and styles.

From trendy and cool to urban and elegant, and from offering classical charm to displaying technological innovation, the show embodied the theme of this fashion week: "Emerging Power, Invigorating Originality".

According to the organizers, in the future Qingdao Fashion Week will gather more high-quality designers and fashion resources. It will address the needs of the industry's further development and the pain points of original design by coordinating and integrating resources from all parties.

Qingdao Fashion Week aims to build an interactive and comprehensive industry service platform, empower the upgrading of the fashion industry, promote the integrated development of the entire fashion industrial chain in Qingdao, and create a new pattern of high-quality development for textiles and clothing.


The opening show is dubbed Soaring to New Heights. [Photo/Qingdao News]


A catwalk show features the latest collections from emerging Chinese designers. [Photo/Qingdao News]


Designers and brands win honors and awards at the closing ceremony. [Photo/Qingdao News]


Visitors enjoy a fashion show at the Yellowbox Art Museum in Qingdao. [Photo/Qingdao News]