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Qingdao festival showcases charm of watercolors

( | 2023-08-28

The first Qingdao International Watercolor Festival was held from Aug 22 to 26 in the eastern coastal city of Qingdao, Shandong province.

Artists from more than 60 countries and regions showcased more than 400 works during the event.


Artists from home and abroad pose for a photo at the Qingdao International Watercolor Festival. [Photo/]

According to Shan Hong, the director of the International Watercolor Society and the curator of the Qingdao International Watercolor Festival, the festival had specially invited renowned watercolor artists from around the world to showcase their works.

Shan said that the exhibition highlighted the diversity and charm of watercolor art, which were presented in various forms, including landscape, portraiture, and abstract art.


The Qingdao International Watercolor Festival attracts many visitors. [Photo/]

On Aug 23, 20 internationally renowned watercolor painters gathered at the Qingdao International Conference Center, where they created artworks showcasing the charming scenery of Qingdao using watercolor techniques. Additionally, both Chinese and foreign artists also explored and created artworks inspired by the beautiful nature at Laoshan Mountain and the countryside in Qingdao.

Atanur Dogan, the president of the International Watercolor Society, expressed his delight in participating in such a high-level watercolor festival in Qingdao.

"Watercolor is a painting art form recognized by artists and audiences worldwide. Although watercolor originated from the West, it cannot be denied that contemporary watercolor art has integrated traditional Chinese ink painting techniques, merging Chinese ink methods with Western color relationships. This integration has allowed watercolor art to shine on a global scale. The hosting of the International Watercolor Festival in Qingdao has further enhanced the charm of this city," said Dogan.


The Qingdao festival shows the diversity and charm of watercolor art. [Photo/]