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Tsingtao Brewery launches beer products in commemoration of 120th anniversary

( | 2023-06-06


The 1903 Four Seasons Evergreen Series of Tsingtao Brewery. [Photo provided to]

Tsingtao Brewery, a time-honored beer brand based in Qingdao city of Shandong province, launched the 1903 Four Seasons Evergreen Series, incorporating traditional Chinese cultures to celebrate its 120th anniversary.

The novel beer products — Spring Life, Summer Growth, Autumn Prosperity, and Winter Taste — combine Chinese traditions with the symbolism of the four seasons and feature different animals of swallows, magical Kunpeng birds, golden eagles, and deer to showcase unique beauty and philosophy. This combination is the epitome that conveys the poetic brewing process of Tsingtao Beer.

Spring Life integrates elements such as flowers and swallows, representing the beauty of spring with vitality and vigor that matches the brand's tension and innovation. 

Summer is the most vibrant season of the year. This time is full of passion. Inspired by Kunpeng, Summer Growth embodies the unstoppable steps of Tsingtao Beer and its quest for excellence.

A symbol of power and rich harvest, the golden eagle showcases the elaborate and slow brewing process of Tsingtao Beer and its delicious aroma.

Winter Taste uses the image of a lucky deer in the snow to create an explicit, energetic scene that displays the brand's heritage and momentum.

The 1903 Four Seasons Evergreen Series are made from high-quality brewing barley, using the unique roasting technique of Tsingtao Beer. Based on the two-stage and low-temperature brewing process that originated in 1903, the beer is slowly brewed to achieve its renowned aroma. 

The series also represents the brand's 120 years of accompanying consumers through time and space, sharing in life's moments with friends and family and toasting new beginnings and happy endings.