World's largest anthocyanin production project to launch in Weihai

(| Updated : 2020-05-20

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"We are in close contact with Bestgrand Holdings and are working to settle down the world's largest anthocyanin production base as soon as possible," said Shi Jianfeng, an official from the business promotion bureau of Nanhai new district in Weihai, Shandong province.

Bestgrand Holdings is a large and diversified company with business covering investment, the chemical industry, science and technology, and other fields. It is based in Huizhou, Guangdong province.

The company signed an agreement with Nanhai new district on April 30 to move its health industry headquarters to the area and invest 500 million yuan ($70.38 million) to build the world's largest anthocyanin extraction and production base.


Bestgrand Holdings sign a cooperative agreement with Nanhai new district in Weihai on April 30. [Photo/]

Bestgrand will invite more than 20 experts and scholars from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and other institutions to set up a research and development team in Nanhai new district. They will also build a biomedical industrial park and a health industry research institute, focusing on the extraction and production of anthocyanins, astaxanthin and curcumin.

"Nanhai new district is boosting its marine biomedical industry and health food industry, which offers great opportunities for us to cooperate," said Chen Jianneng, president of Bestgrand, adding that the district's convenient transportation conditions, sound business environment and scientific prowess will also facilitate the company's development.

"We will continue to work with more enterprises in the biomedical field, and attract more supporting enterprises to build a complete industrial ecology," Shi said.


Products of Bestgrand Holdings [Photo/]