Shandong cultural venues reopen to the public

(| Updated : 2020-04-01

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Provincial-level cultural venues, including the Shandong Library, the Shandong Museum, the Shandong Provincial Cultural Center and the Shandong Art Museum, reopened to the public on March 31 after being closed for almost two months due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Wang Xinhua, a Shandong Library regular, arrived before opening time.

"I'm a regular at the library. It's s my spiritual paradise. I was looking forward to its reopening," Wang said.


Visitors maintain a safe distance from each other as they wait for the opening of the Shandong Library on March 31. [Photo/]

Another avid reader arrived with a suitcase of books to return.

"I borrowed a lot of books before the Spring Festival holiday and I finished reading them on Lantern Festival," said the 33-year-old resident surnamed Han.

Han said that she started to read digital books via the library's online channels during the lockdown.


A man browses books at the Shandong Library on March 31. [Photo/]

"We are requiring people to make reservations ahead of time and limiting the number of visitors to avoid overcrowding. Our employees will disinfect seats and public areas several times a day," said a staff member at the Shandong Library, adding that visitors are also required to have their temperatures taken and information registered before entering.

The returned books will be put on the shelves only after being disinfected, while readers can use the self-service book sterilization machine to ensure the books they borrow are virus-free.

Readers can still access digital reading resources through the official websites, WeChat account and Weibo account of Shandong Library. The library has also waived all overdue charges for physical books and periodicals during the epidemic period.


A visitor enjoys the painting and calligraphy exhibition at the Shandong Provincial Cultural Center on March 31. [Photo/]

The Shandong Provincial Cultural Center welcomed its first group of visitors at 9 o'clock. It has launched two themed exhibitions featuring ancient rubbings and works by famous calligraphers and painters.

"I saw on its official WeChat account that the cultural center will host a painting and calligraphy exhibition featuring works by prominent artists, so I came to enjoy the masterpieces," said a local resident surnamed Jiao.

According to Zhao Xintian, vice director of the Shandong Provincial Cultural Center, they are also preparing a number of cultural and art performances, which will be launched through online video-streaming platforms.


Visitors enjoy an exhibition at the Shandong Museum on March 31. [Photo/]