Shandong medical glove maker aids Italy's fight against epidemic

(| Updated : 2020-03-23

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Bluesail Medical Co, a leading medical glove maker based in Zibo, Shandong province, has donated 200,000 nitrile medical gloves to Italy to aid the country in its fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak.

"Bluesail has many long-time partners in Italy. We are willing to do our part in fighting the epidemic in Italy," said Liu Wenjing, chairman of Bluesail.


Workers at Bluesail load trucks with medical supplies donated to Italy. [Photo/]

Liu said that in order to fight the epidemic, Bluesail has managed to add 50 production lines for medical gloves. With three shifts working 24 hours, the company is able to ensure a daily supply of more than 20 million nitrile medical gloves.

The annual demand for disposable gloves in Italy is nearly 10 billion, and the market demand for nitrile gloves in the medical and food sectors is huge as well, said Li Bin, vice general manager of Bluesail's sales department, adding that the demand for nitrile gloves will continue to increase exponentially as long as the epidemic continues.

"Bluesail has a market share of more than 20 percent in Italy, and one in five medical workers uses our protective gloves. We will strengthen communication and cooperation with our Italian partners and boost the supply of medical products to the country," said Li.

Since the epidemic outbreak began, Bluesail has been ramping up production of medical supplies to support the worst-affected areas at home and abroad.

According to the company, it has donated more than 5 million nitrile medical gloves to governments and medical institutions in areas severely affected by the epidemic, such as Wuhan and Huanggang in Hubei province, Japan and South Korea.

Founded in 2003, Bluesail produces 19.5 billion protective gloves annually. Its PVC gloves occupy 22 percent of the global market share.


Photo shows a production line of medical gloves in Bluesail Medical Co in Zibo, Shandong province. [Photo/]