Shandong artists make clay figurines to support virus fight

(| Updated : 2020-02-21

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Nie Peng and his father, Nie Chenxi, who make Gaomi clay sculptures, have created artwork to support China's fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia and thank medical workers on the frontlines.

Gaomi (a county-level city Weifang, Shandong) clay sculptures have a history of 400 years. The sculptures often take the form of tigers with sheepskin stomachs, allowing them to make roaring sounds to ward off ghosts and monsters.

"I saw on the news that frontline workers are struggling against the epidemic and I was touched by their bravery and diligence," said Nie Peng.

"We created the new sculptures to pay homage to frontline workers and help spread awareness of the importance of epidemic prevention and control."


Shandong artists create clay sculptures to support China's fight against the epidemic. [Photo/]


Nie Peng, an inheritor of the Gaomi clay sculpture art form, creates works to pay tribute to frontline medical workers. [Photo/]

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