Beautiful Jinan captured in photos

( )| Updated : 2018-10-31

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Quancheng Square is one of the iconic landmarks of Jinan, capital of Shandong province. Quancheng (city of springs) is a nickname for Jinan. The city had 151 artesian springs within its 3.26-square-kilometer old city limit in the mid-19th century. Only 72 springs have survived the city's modernization and today they are treasured by locals. [Photo/]


Daming Lake bathing in the setting sun looks quite serene against the high buildings and large mansions in the distance. The lake, which is fed by the area's artesian karst springs, is one of Jinan's most popular scenic spots. [Photo/] 


A sightseeing boat cruises on the Daming Lake in the genial sunshine of late autumn. [Photo/] 

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