Lovol overseas business spurs collaboration

By Zhuan Ti | (China Daily)| Updated : 2018-05-14

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A total of 800 wheat combine harvesters rolled off Lovol Heavy Industry Co Ltd's production line in Shandong province on Wednesday, ready to be exported to Sudan in North Africa.

The overseas government procurement order is reportedly the largest single export delivery of grain harvester machines since 1949.

Lovol forged a strategic partnership with the Sudanese government in 2006. The company has since provided 629 harvesters and 300 high-powered tractors to the African country. The exports were worth $30 million in total.

"Sudan has once again chosen our products, which is proof of its government's and people's faith in our brand," said Chang Jiamao, vice general manager of Lovol.

"With the 800-harvester shipment dispatched, Lovol has gone yet further in its overseas expansion," Chang said.

To better honor the latest order, the company has developed new innovations tailored to Sudan's agricultural development in various regions.

The harvesters developed for Sudan's sandy region use both dry and moisture filter systems to adapt to its sandy tropical desert climate, while those for the country's grassland region feature expanded radiators, which help to improve engines' heat dissipation capacities.

In addition, Lovol sent its service staf to Sudan to provide training to local users before the delivery. Another aftersales service team will be dispatched after the harvesters are shipped to the country.

"We will continue to develop differentiated products with cutting-edge technologies in the future," Chang said.

China is a key trade partner of Sudan, with bilateral agricultural cooperation advancing smoothly in recent years, said Omer Eisa Ahmed, Sudanese ambassador to China.

An international agromachine manufacturer, Lovol meets Sudan's agricultural production demand, as its products are reliable in quality, adaptable to local markets and competitive in price, thus making a great contribution to the country's agricultural modernization, the ambassador said.

During his visit to Sudan in late September, Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu suggested that the two governments provide guidance and service to investors involved in bilateral agricultural cooperation.

As a key part of the China-Sudan comprehensive strategic partnership, the cooperation between the countries will help Sudan to achieve its agricultural growth potential and at the same time facilitate exports of Chinese farm machines, industrial observers said.

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