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Magnetic Resonance Monitoring Semiconductor Laser Treatment Equipment Approved for Marketing

CCFDIE| Updated: 2023-04-04

Recently, the innovative product Magnetic Resonance Monitoring Semiconductor Laser Treatment Equipment of Sinovation(Beijing) Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is approved by China NMPA.

The core technology of magnetic resonance monitoring of this product has a national invention patent. During the laser treatment process, magnetic resonance temperature imaging technology is used to receive the gradient echo sequence of magnetic resonance equipment in real time, thereby calculating the temperature of the treatment area and realizing real-time monitoring during the treatment process.

This product, together with disposable laser optical fiber kit, is used for laser treatment of local lesions(with a clear epileptogenic area or a clear epileptic pathway) for patients with drug non-responsive epilepsy. Due to shorter treatment time, smaller damage to healthy brain tissues and less postoperative complications, patients will recover quickly, and the treatment difficulty of intracranial lesions in neurosurgery is reduced.

The NMPA will strengthen the post-marketing surveillance of the product to protect the safety of medical devices used by patients.