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Drug regulators crack down on counterfeit and substandard drugs in 2019

Updated: 2020-07-02

In 2019, drug regulators at all levels in China conscientiously implemented strict requirements on drug safety, carried out supervision and inspection of pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, and severely cracked down on illegal manufacturing and sale of counterfeit and substandard drugs.

In 2019, a total of 22,342 drug manufacturers, 35,746 drug wholesalers and 937,648 drug retailers were inspected, and 1,394 businesses were ordered to close. The regulators investigated and dealt with 77,093 cases of violations of drug laws and regulations, and levied fines totaling 500.73 million yuan ($70.90 million) for various offences, including: 95 cases of manufacturing counterfeit drugs, 129 cases handled as manufacturing counterfeit drugs; 1,099 cases of selling counterfeit drugs, 1,210 cases handled as selling counterfeit drugs; 442 cases of manufacturing substandard drugs, 593 cases handled as manufacturing substandard drugs; 4,372 cases of selling substandard drugs, and 6,101 cases handled as selling substandard drugs. The drug watchdogs revoked three drug manufacturing licenses and 118 drug distribution licenses.