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Over one million service workers in Beijing receive COVID-19 tests

Xinhua| Updated: 2020-06-30

BEIJING -- A total of 1.18 million service practitioners from wet markets, restaurants, supermarkets, stores, hair and beauty salons as well as couriers and food delivery personnel in Beijing have received nucleic acid tests for COVID-19, local authorities said on June 29.

Since June 15, a total of 157,000 business entities, including 319 wet markets, 82,000 restaurants and canteens, 59,000 shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores and grocery stores, and 16,000 hair and beauty salons have been inspected, said Chen Yankai, deputy head of the municipal administration for market regulation.

Among those still open to the public, 106,000 entities have been ordered to carry out daily environmental disinfection in accordance with the requirements of the government guidelines, Chen added.