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2019 China Cancer Immunotherapy Workshop Successfully Held

CCFDIE| Updated: 2019-07-18

2019 China Cancer Immunotherapy Workshop was successfully held on June 29- 30, 2019 in Tianjin, China. The Workshop was organized by China Center for Food and Drug International Exchange(CCFDIE), in cooperation with the Center for Drug Evaluation(CDE) of National Medical Products Administration(NMPA), Chinese American Hematologist and Oncologist Network(CAHON) and School of Medicine Tsinghua University.

Focusing on the hot issues in the field of cancer immunotherapy, the Workshop set up 7 topics including Immune Resistance and Combination Therapy, Emerging New Immunotherapy, Perspective from Biopharma Industry, Clinical Update on Checkpoint Inhibitors, Clinical Update on Cellular Therapy and Regulatory Considerations.

In the Workshop, Dr. Ronald Levy,  who is the Member of US National Academy of Sciences, Member of US National Academy of Medicine, professor of Stanford University, was specially invited to deliver a keynote speech entitled In Situ Therapeutic Vaccination and share the experience and views on clinical research progress. Prof. Lieping  Chen  of Yale  University, Prof.Xuetao Cao of Nankai University, Prof. Yilong Wu, Prof. Jun Zhu and other famous experts also shared their latest achievements in the field of cancer immunotherapy and put forward their views from the perspective of clinical research and patient needs.

More than 50 Chinese and foreign leading experts in the field of cancer immunotherapy, including US FDA, EMA, CDE, CAHON delivered speeches on the current status and hot topics of cancer immunotherapy and interactively communicated with the participants.

The China Cancer Immunotherapy Workshop has been successfully held for five consecutive years with rising social attention and influence. The Workshop has provided an important academic exchange platform for Chinese and foreign drug regulatory authorities, academia and industry, promoting the exchange of professional knowledge and experience in the field of cancer immunotherapy. It has played a positive role in promoting international exchanges and cooperation in the field of drug regulation and enhancing innovation and development in the field of cancer immunotherapy.