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FCVC 2024 kicks off in Shanghai

( ) 2024-06-06


Over 300 exhibitors from around the world participate in FCVC 2024. [Photo/WeChat ID: sh-jiading]

The 2024 International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress and Exhibition (FCVC 2024) opened on June 4 at the Shanghai Auto Exhibition Center in Jiading district.

In addition to a 25,000-square-meter exhibition area, the event features a plenary session, seven thematic summits, and five concurrent meetings. Over 300 exhibitors from around the world are participating in this year's session.

The exhibition showcases a wide range of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, fuel cell stack systems, core components, hydrogen storage cylinders, and refueling station equipment, covering the entire hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicle industry chain.

"Hydrogen energy is new to me. I came to see its applications," said visitor Dong Zhiqing. "The variety of products and brands is impressive, with many new technologies on display," Dong continued.

Midstream hydrogen industry chain segments, including storage, transportation, and refueling enterprises, were well-represented at the event. Faurecia's hydrogen energy booth displayed Type IV hydrogen storage cylinders and systems. "We are showcasing our 400-liter, 70 MPa Type IV hydrogen storage cylinder, which is the largest in China. It can store up to 16 kilograms of hydrogen, and is mainly utilized in heavy-duty trucks," said Ji Chenji, a representative from Faurecia.


Faurecia showcases its cryogenic liquid hydrogen storage container. [Photo/WeChat ID: sh-jiading]

Faurecia also highlighted its cryogenic liquid hydrogen storage container, which was developed with Air Liquide. It offers advantages for the large-scale storage and transportation sectors. "Liquid hydrogen storage is safer, more efficient, and has higher density, enabling over 1,000 kilometers of range for heavy-duty trucks," Ji added.


Sunwise's third-generation hydrogen refueling machine. [Photo/WeChat ID: sh-jiading]

Shanghai Sunwise New Energy Systems Co Ltd presented its third-generation hydrogen refueling machine, which integrates 35 MPa and 70 MPa modes for both commercial and passenger vehicles. "The new refueling machine has significant improvements in design, data analysis, speed, and safety," said Sun Quanbo, sales manager at Sunwise.

The event also featured hydrogen-powered passenger cars and two-wheelers. GAC Group's new hydrogen-electric concept car and Youon's hydrogen bicycle attracted significant attention. GAC's concept car, designed by an international team, features hydrogen fuel cells and distributed motors, delivering 540 horsepower, over 800 kilometers of range, and zero emissions.

"The event is highly international, with about 40 percent of exhibitors being foreign or joint-venture companies," said Jiang Guomei from one of the event's organizers. "We will host forums and special sessions that will provide a platform for international cooperation and exchange, thus promoting the integration and development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicle technologies."



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