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Johnson Health and Culture Center breaks ground alongside Yuanxiang Lake

( ) 2024-03-08


A rendering of the Johnson Health and Culture Center. [Photo/]

The construction of the Johnson Health and Culture Center has recently commenced on the south bank of Yuanxiang Lake in Jiading district, Shanghai.

The 553-square-meter center is expected to complete construction and begin trial operations by mid-June this year, with an official opening scheduled for July.

Developed and operated by Johnson Health Tech, this hub is expected to become a comprehensive center for fitness, leisure, sports equipment experiences, and brand culture displays. It is set to become a new landmark for urban culture and a preferred choice for local residents' fitness activities.

The project, designed to satisfy the public's appetite for a high-quality lifestyle, integrates sports and health culture. It aims to create a space for the propagation of sports and health culture, hosting various themed events, public fitness activities, and featuring a global brand display gallery for fitness equipment alongside a sports and health culture experience gallery.


The center utilizes virtual technology to promote sports and health culture. [Photo/]


The center provides local residents a choice for fitness activities. [Photo/]



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