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Volvo Cars APAC headquarters phase IV breaks ground in Shanghai's Jiading

( ) 2024-02-29


The Volvo Cars APAC headquarters phase IV groundbreaking ceremony takes place in Jiading district, Shanghai, on Feb 21. [Photo/]

Volvo Cars held the groundbreaking ceremony for the fourth phase of its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Jiading district, Shanghai, on Feb 21.

This expansion bolsters Volvo's global supply network, supporting its drive towards full electrification and sustainable development. The event was attended by local officials and Volvo executives, including Jim Rowan, president and CEO of Volvo Cars, and Yuan Xiaolin, senior vice president and CEO of Volvo Cars Asia-Pacific.

Local officials highlighted Volvo's role as a key player in Jiading's automotive industry, expressing confidence in mutual collaboration. Rowan emphasized the headquarters' potential to drive Volvo's growth and technological development in China.

The new phase will house a battery center and training facilities, continuing Volvo's commitment to sustainable design and efficient collaboration. The battery center, a core project, will enhance Volvo's electric vehicle technology capabilities and support its transition to electrification.

Volvo praised the efficient support received from local authorities, underscoring their commitment to deepening their footprint in China. Yuan reiterated Volvo's steadfast confidence in the Chinese market and its pledge to contribute to Jiading and China's automotive industry.

With three manufacturing bases, a research and development center, and a design center in China, Volvo's expansion marks a significant step in its continued investment and growth in the region.



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