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Photographers capture beauty of Shanghai's Jiading district

( ) 2023-12-29

Shanghai's Jiading district recently showcased the outstanding works of the 2023 Jiading Photography Contest at the Jiading District Cultural Center. With a keen eye, photography enthusiasts captured the beauty of Jiading and preserved the city's changing landscape in photos.

The exhibition featured 60 diverse and imaginative works depicting thriving urban development, picturesque natural scenery, diligent professionals, and remarkable moments of progress in the city.

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A photo titled "Shanghai Automobile City". [Photo by Chen Ming/WeChat ID: sh-jiading]

One captivating piece, titled "Shanghai Automobile City" by Chen Ming, a member of the China Photographers Association, featured new energy vehicles lined up under the setting sun. Chen's dedication and patience in finding the perfect angle to capture the "automobile imprint" paid off, resulting in a striking composition.

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A photo titled "Jiading Rail Night Charm". [Photo by Xin Xiaofeng/WeChat ID: sh-jiading]

Another remarkable work, "Jiading Rail Night Charm" by Xin Xiaofeng, a member of the Jiading District Cultural Center's youth photography team, featured the city at night. Xin skillfully captured the iconic TV tower, symbolizing Jiading's growth and transformation.

The exhibition, featuring a selection of 60 outstanding works from the contest's 467 entries, presented Jiading's economic development, comprehensive urban construction, harmonious lifestyle, and optimistic vision for the future. The exhibition will run until Jan 18, 2024, inviting people to immerse themselves in the beauty of Jiading through the lens of talented photographers.



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